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Viking can assist in the manufacturing of your next
Mobile Medical truck/trailers. Please ask Viking about
some of our more popular designs for this specialized equipment.
There are several innovations in the design and engineering that separate these mobiles for all others:
    mobile trailer transport

  • A large expanding side systems in very custom body systems providing more space
  • Bodies are compatible on all types of truck chassis to provide extended space
  • Truck and trailer bodies have the ability to incorporate all types of medical hardware with appropriate certifications included
  • Body systems include all types of egress to enable impaired patient accessibility
  • Designs set up and strike on site within 15 minutes
  • Include environmental systems to accommodate exterior conditions from extreme cold to high temperatures in excess of 115 degrees F (46.1 C) and higher depending on your application
  • Power systems include wide selection of quiet generator integrations as well as isolation transformers
  • The interior work is absolutely “Best in Class” offering a wide selection of wall finish and floor finish. Options also include sonex ceiling systems to emulate a very quiet environment
  • Some Options include: water systems, clean/dirty room designs, full rest room systems, certified med gas installations and integration of all client provided medical equipment
  • Full storage systems that not only accommodate required storage items but generators, vacuum systems, water and waste water as well
  • So much internal space to be moved on site and set up into operation
  • Experience

mobile medical trucks

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