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Baltimore Maryland MRI Rigging Quote

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MRI Rigging of Baltimore Maryland can supply you with the qualified personnel and proper MRI rigging equipment and any crane size from 30 tons to 500+ ton. Our basic MRI rigging deliveries are usually completed within 3-5 hours based on the system and site complexity required for the MRI rigging. MRI Rigging of semantic meaning will manage and coordinate your rigging efficiently and effectively.

Baltimore Maryland MRI Rigging

Baltimore MRI Rigging

We can adhere to any of your sensitive special handling protocols and procedures. We will manage and meet your requirements for both service and price. Implementing a tailored made approach to meet your company objectives. MRI Rigging of Baltimore can prepare an aggressive approach and achieve logistics solutions that drive strategic initiative MRI rigging goals. Changes in projects are expected and we will adapt to those changes and work hard to stay within your MRI moving budget.

Viking Rigging is your Baltimore Maryland full service professional MRI Rigging, Moving and Storage expert center.

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Baltimore Maryland MRI Moving

Baltimore Maryland MRI Moving

MRI Rigging and Moving does turnkey MRI de-installs for almost all makes and models MRI systems. We will go to your site, test system , do inspection, de-install, inventory , take pictures, and collect serial numbers. After all of this has been completed and we have communicated to our MRI rigging customer, we will work with site and make sure Rig out is completed. We are able to crate on site and MRI load containers right there and then. Baltimore Maryland MRI Rigging will coordinate all container shipping to ship to you or your customer.

MRI Cold Storage of Baltimore Maryland

MRI Cold Storage of Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Maryland MRI Storage is also available. In addition to our Medical MRI Moving and Transport Services, we provide MRI Cold Storage. MRI Cold Storage magnets are monitored daily, checking for helium levels, compressor operation, and magnet shield temperatures. We have chillers and compressors that are capable of supporting multiple MRI units in MRI Cold Storage. We will provide regular reports on the status of your equipment, and take excellent care of your Baltimore Area MRI Rigging assets.
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