Modular Building Medical Suites

Modular Medical Suites
Through combining our building expertise with our client’s operational
knowledge, our experienced design team provides high quality
patient care environments to meet the needs of both caregivers
and imaging equipment providers. Our accelerated building
process offers clients the ability to increase capacity and optimize
efficiency with the added flexibility to relocate or reconfigure the
facility to suit future needs. Throughout this process, we add value
by utilizing our experience and innovative thinking to ensure our
clients receive the best, most cost effective space solution.

Modular Building Medical Suite
Viking modular imaging suites can be adjoined to an existing building,
stand-alone, or provide ancillary support space required for mobile
units. Additionally, our imaging suites can be constructed to match
existing medical campus structures to allow for seamless architectural
continuity. Best of all, the flexibility of Viking Modular Imaging
Suites allow for patient care to continue without disruption, providing
a consistent patient and provider experience through every
phase of construction and beyond.

Available Modular Building Medical Suite Features:
Modular Building Medical Suites


Low voltage DC lighting

Fully RF Shielded Scan Room

Ambient sky lighting and music available

Meets OEM spec for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing

Spacious patient scan room

Meets OEM requirements for vibration minimization and isolation

Weather-tight connection to existing building
Heavy Freight Rail Shipping
JCAHO compliant

Meets infection control protocols

Steel and concrete super structure

Magnetically Shielded (optional)

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