Warehousing & Storage

Climate Controlled Safe Storage – Inventory Management – Distribution


nationwide rigging

Viking Rigging has warehousing facilities nationwide in all the major metropolitan cities, as well as remote locations nationwide.

This allows us to offer our “Total Turnkey Advantage” to our customers. Viking Rigging can pick-up your product, consolidate it, provide inventory management, then distribute to the customers specified delivery locations while meeting delivery schedules for its customers. Viking Rigging covers all aspects of logistics planning from origin to destination all with the highest quality service standards. Take advantage of our web-based warehousing & distribution

• Know exactly when your customers will receive product

• Locate inventory to closest customer

• Real Time Asset Management

• Sell your stored systems/products while in safe storage without added shipping costs. (on-line picture inventory)


Climate Controlled Storage Inventory Management DistributionViking Rigging can also provide inventory inspection and re-deployment, as well as coordination on parts distribution via a dedicated call center established with personnel to manage your process and meet your requirements .

• On-Line Inventories and Shipping Status

• Benefits of on-line tracking and inventory management

• Replacement parts management, pick, pack, & ship services

• Re-stocking Inventory knowing what’s currently available


Climate Controlled Safe Storage Inventory Management DistributionOur medical storage division allows you to store highly sensitive medical equipment in climate controlled city and state locations in Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Jersey, San Francisco, St Louis, & Dallas and our medical storage division allows you to store your magnets cold in these states: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin. This climate controlled environment also allows for MRI hookups. Keeping your systems away from harmful dust particles will help protect and ensure your product remains safe while in storage.

• Computer mainframe safe storage

• Life support on MRI vessels, daily monitoring of equipment on cyro levels

• Humidity controlled safe storage- climatic warehousing

• Clean safe storage on sensitive equipment and systems

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