New MRI Device Now Available in Windsor to Help Make Caring for Your Pet Easier

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Viking Viking MRI Rigging On The Job In Colorado

They are working on renovating the old Guaranteed Bank Building in Windsor to create a larger, upgraded facility. While renovating, they moved in the new CT scanner. This machine weighs 4,500 pounds and will be a major benefit for the animal community in Northern Colorado.
The Aquilion S16 CT Scanner is the only one of its kind owned by a private practice in Northern Colorado. The 16 slice, spiral scanner is like taking an old black and white TV and updating to HD! Using this scanner on animals in Northern Colorado is an amazing gain to our furry friends.

The scanner will cut back on the time needed to scan animals from an average of 45 minutes to just 15 minutes. This sounds way better for the animals, and like an easier process for all involved really. Speaking of which, with the new scanner, they only have to sedate the animals they are treating, not put them under heavy anesthesia. Click Here for The Entire Article

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MRI Rigging Tips and Help

We often hear questions about MRI rigging costs from our international customers as well as domestic customers who are responsible for equipment removal costs. The answer to these questions is, much to their dismay:

Every MRI rigging situation is unique! Below we explain some of the factors that go into a MRI rigging and moving estimate.

MRI Rigging Help Tips
1. What kind of magnet is it?
This is important to know because system weights vary greatly. Open magnet MRI scanners are generally quite a bit heavier (Ovations weigh in the 42,000 lb. range) than their helium-filled, closed-bore brethren (1.5 tesla MRI’s 10,000 to 20,000 lb range). Additionally, open magnets are permanently magnetized, so care must be taken to minimize the impact of the magnetic field on the surrounding area while it’s being moved. On the other hand, a closed magnet has no magnetic field once taken off power, so moving down the hall past the IT server room won’t be an issue.

2. Where is the MRI magnet?
This might sound like a silly question, until you think like a rigging contractor who has to figure out how to move a 6′ metal cube weighing up to 20 tons from the basement level MRI suite, up a 200′ sloped hallway with seven 90 degree turns, to an outside access pit where a crane operator has to set up his crane a football field’s length away (to avoid the well-manicured topiaries of your landscaped courtyard) from the pit, and has to pick up this monster without being able to see it himself.

Or maybe the only access is through a 5th floor window and the crane has to be set up on a busy street. Many times, as people have gradually learned how drawn-out and delicate an MRI rig can be, the magnet is located on a ground floor suite with a pre-designed window wall that is fairly easily removed and replaced, and the crane can set up in the adjacent parking lot.

In any case, the answer to “Where is your magnet?” is far more involved than a simple floor number.

3. Where in the world is your MRI located?
We find that rigging costs can vary greatly based on your geographic location. Costs in a major city, especially in the northeast or on the west coast can cost quite a bit more than in the south or mid-west. Surprisingly, given the distances riggers have to travel to reach them, we’ve found that less urban areas can be pretty affordable for rigging work, but that more advance planning is often required to accommodate them.

Possible MRI rigging cost?
Rigging costs, will depend on the factors described above. Variable cost may include any of the contractor’s work to prepare an exit path, which may include interior and/ or exterior door and wall removal and replacement, highly technical mechanical de-installation and preparation for moving the MRI. Which Viking MRI Rigging is able to do all such requested work.

For foreign rigging sites, additional unforeseen cost are the norm. Where pricing and exchange rates, availability of equipment, and “interesting” MRI suite locations can make the job even more costly.

A word from the owner of Viking MRI Rigging Services:

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