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New CAT-Scanner Rigged by Viking Rigging For A Windsor Colorado Veterinarian Hospital

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Viking Rigging On The Job In Colorado

They are working on renovating the old Guaranteed Bank Building in Windsor to create a larger, upgraded facility. While renovating, they moved in the new CT scanner. This machine weighs 4,500 pounds and will be a major benefit for the animal community in Northern Colorado.

Viking was called upon to provide rigging of the Aquilion S16 CT Scanner, it the only one of it’s kind owned by a private practice in Northern Colorado. The CT had to be rigged from a hole made in the floor tom the basement below. The 16 slice, spiral scanner is like taking an old black and white TV and updating to HD! Using this scanner on animals in Northern Colorado is an amazing gain to our furry friends.

The scanner will cut back on the time needed to scan animals from an average of 45 minutes to just 15 minutes. This sounds way better for the animals, and like an easier process for all involved really. Speaking of which, with the new scanner, they only have to sedate the animals they are treating, not put them under heavy anesthesia. Click Here for The Entire Article

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